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Appliance Service Blue Book: Your Solution To Job Rates & Estimates!

Appliance Service Master Class Founder and CEO, Andrey Czupiel, has published the Appliance Service Blue Book on Amazon.

Appliance Service Blue Book is the trusted resource to find everything you need when providing your customer an estimate for the service call. Andrey Czupiel has worked in the industry for 16 years and has developed a tried and tested blue book with updated job rates, which include parts and labour. Andrey is the Founder of the prestigious Private Career College, Appliance Technical Institute of Canada. He is also the CEO of Appliance Service Master Class, a results-driven global consulting firm that specializes in helping appliance and HVAC businesses successfully address their most complex and critical challenges. Andrey has helped over 300 appliance service technicians and companies manage their business model in a more efficient manner.

Chapter 1: How to Use This Blue Book Guide

Chapter 2: Technician Diagnostic Guide

Chapter 3: Documentation and Invoicing

Chapter 4: Hourly Rate VS Commission Rate

Chapter 5: Creating Your Job Rates for Your Appliance Business

Chapter 6: Warranty Contract (flat rate) vs Cash on Demand (Out of warranty service calls)

Chapter 7: Parts Suppliers & Tools

Chapter 8: Appliance Service Master Class Blue Book

In this book, you receive Over 200 Job Rates & Estimates to assist you with

providing honest and fair rates for your customers. This will lead to your customers becoming loyal long-time customers. This will ensure your company keeps busy week over week.

Within 3 days of publishing the Appliance Service Blue Book, the book become Amazon's #1 Best Seller!

If you are new technician who is looking for assistance in navigating job rates and estimates for your work, this is the book for you!

Make sure to also check out our Appliance Service Business Master Class. Here, you will touch on all the appliances a technician should understand, as well as work through Business Planning and Financial Planning for your appliance business.

Appliance Service Master Class is the best firm to help you reach your business goals!

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