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Whirlpool Widens Its Doors to Technicians Across Canada

Updated: May 13, 2022

As Appliance Service Master Class continues to grow its client base across Canada and the US, Whirlpool has chosen to widen its doors to technicians across the country as well!

In the appliance servicing industry, a good technicians success stems from them being a knowledgeable technician, and also having a great sense of customer service.

At the moment, Appliance Service Master Class has helped service companies staff technicians in the following cities: Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Toronto, Windsor, Kitchener/Waterloo, Ottawa, Montréal, Fredericton, St. John's, and Halifax.

With the help from Whirlpool, Appliance Service Master Class provides additional training to service leaders, senior technicians, and service company owners where they learn the skills they require to train and lead their technician teams!

Join us now in the Appliance Service Business Development Course to learn essential business skills today!

It all begins here. Appliance Service Master Class is here to provide you with the support and information you need in order to make smart business decisions, and reach the pinnacle of success. The course structure is outlined below:

Program Start Date: May 5th, 2022

  • Module 1: Entrepreneurial Leadership & Building a Successful Team Master Class

  • Module 2: Visioning & Environmental Scanning Master Class

  • Module 3: Business Strategic Planning & Modelling Master Class

  • Module 4: Prototyping and Go-To Market Strategy Master Class

  • Module 5: Financial Projections Master Class

  • Module 6: Sales & Marketing Master Class

  • Module 7: Networking, & Pitching Skills Master Class

  • Module 8: Marketing & Promotion Master Class

  • Module 9: Building an Organizational Structure Master Class

  • Module 10: Raising Money Master Class

Book your FREE consultation today!

We look forward to building your business - together!

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