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How to Read A Manufacturer Technician Sheet

At Appliance Service Master Class, we strongly encourage service companies and technicians to seek manufacturer warranty contracts. It not only guarantees a number of service calls you receive per day, ad spend free, but it also provides you access to the manufacturers technician portals.

In the manufacturer technician portal, such as Whirlpools ‘Service Matters,’ and Electrolux/Frigidaire ‘Service Tips,’ you will find every tech sheet, service pointer, service manual, how-to video, parts list, installation instructions, and user & care guides for each appliance under the manufacturers umbrella. As you can already guess, the Whirlpool umbrealla consists of Amana, Maytag, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, and Jenair. Furthermore, the ‘how-to videos’ in Whirlpools Service Matters are created by Whirlpools training and education team, so you know the content is precise and of great value. The videos are certainly better than the shaky garage videos you’ll notice from other technicians on YouTube.

What benefit does a technician sheet provide a service technician?

We’ll dive into a Whirlpool over-the-range Microwave (Model #: YWMH31017HS04) technician sheet examples below. Every manufacturer creates technician sheets to standardize troubleshooting and repair of their appliances. If you are a junior technician who is still learning how to effectively troubleshoot appliances, your first go-to should be the manufacturers tech sheet for that appliance. The same goes for experienced technicians working on LG’s new technology appliances.

Consider the example below. You will see the step-by-step process for NOT HEATING TROUBLESHOOTING INSTRUCTION. The best-practice in this case would be to find out your customers chief complaint for the appliance (Microwave Not Heating), you will then search for the technician sheet for their appliance on Service Matters [Whirlpool over-the-range Microwave (Model #: YWMH31017HS04)], and triage the service call the night before by studying the instructions noted below from the technician sheet.

If you are required to troubleshoot certain components in the appliance, the tech sheet also provides you expected outcomes from your multimeter. This is done to ensure you are replacing the correct component, and not just changing three to five parts and over charging the customer.

At Appliance Service Master Class, we understand that these technician sheets and service manuals are circling around the internet for all technicians to access. Some technicians believe it is unnecessary to work with manufacturer’s warranty contract due to this reason alone. A solo-technician (Lone Wolf) may do quite well for themselves financially, considering they don’t have any overhead costs (unit lease, administrative representatives, pay roll). But, for technicians and service companies who would like to GROW their companies will NEED to consider getting manufacturer warranty contracts.

Manufacturer warranty contracts guarantee service calls, access to manufacturer literature in real time, and access to manufacturer training classes.

APPLIANCE SERVICE MASTER CLASS has key partnerships with Whirlpool Corporation, LG, and Electrolux/Frigidaire. All clients of Appliance Service Master Class have access to these manufacturers from day one!

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