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Whirlpool Corp. - Official Partner of Appliance Service Master Class

Updated: May 17, 2022

Whirlpool Corporation joins Appliance Service Master Class as an official training partner for Canada and USA!

Andrey Czupiel, the Founder and CEO of Appliance Service Master Class, has garnered a partnership with Whirlpool Corporation in order to continue to serve new technicians, and seasoned appliance companies across Canada and United States of America. Many appliance service companies in Canada have already benefited from the services of Appliance Service Master Class.

For instance, Exploits Appliance and Refrigeration in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada have trained 3 junior technicians with Appliance Service Master Class. The gaps in their knowledge have been trained and filled, especially the technical Sealed System Mechanics skills. As these technicians home in on their troubleshooting and diagnosing skills, they will see job completions continue to be finished at a faster pace.

Montréal, Quebec Sealed System Mechanics Training - In join session with Whirlpool Corp. Appliance Service Master Class continues to expand its Sealed System Mechanics training across Canada and US, as the needs continue to rise. There are service companies today who do not have a single technician which can complete a full sealed system service call. The revenue generation opportunity that a sealed system service technician can provide to any business is astronomical.

Appliance Service Technician Training on Refrigerator Sealed System

Now, we don't believe only one technician in a service company should be a specialist in Sealed System Mechanics. This will surely lead to technician burnout. We believe that each and every technician should be able to complete a Sealed System job. Whether it be one a day, or one a week. The skills required to complete a Sealed System service call or indeed more technical, but, absolutely manageable to learn. With the new Official Partnership with Whirlpool Corporation, comes new and exciting benefits for our trainees and clients. All trainees will now have full access to Whirlpool's technician hub - Service Matters. With the access to Service Matters, trainees can look up and find any wiring diagram, schematic, and parts list for any of the appliances under Whirlpool Umbrella - Amana, Maytag, Whirlpool, JennAir, and KitchenAid. Within Service Matters, trainees and clients are able to continue their learning through Whirlpool training videos, and additional training modules on new technologies.

Appliance Service Technician Repairing Customers Stove

It's Your Time To Succeed! We look forward to building your business - together!

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